The awakening. Story of a photo

That moment when you realize the meaning of the apple fallen from tree

It was a cold January morning when the snow it’s all around you and the sun dears to show his face and warm up the tiny things beneath. A kind of day that makes you wanna stay in bed and cover yourself with a fluffy blanket, make a good fire in your fireplace or crank up the heating of your gas boiler, start the TV and watch some of your favorite Netflix movies.

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About this journey

So, let us begin…

I’m a 33 years old, simple person from Romania that loves to spend time in nature, to travel, go fishing, standing in the green grass with a book in the hand, falling asleep in the warm, kind, sunshine take photos of different things, macros, textures, landscapes ( I love taking pictures of roads… don’t know, don’t judge). I also enjoy watching YouTube videos, tinkering, taking apart everything and after rebuilding them ( not always successful but, hey, look at the bright side- I get a lot of spear parts).

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