The awakening. Story of a photo

That moment when you realize the meaning of the apple fallen from tree

It was a cold January morning when the snow it’s all around you and the sun dears to show his face and warm up the tiny things beneath. A kind of day that makes you wanna stay in bed and cover yourself with a fluffy blanket, make a good fire in your fireplace or crank up the heating of your gas boiler, start the TV and watch some of your favorite Netflix movies.

First that was my idea too, I did exactly what I described above plus I made myself a big cup of coffee (I love to drink this miracle drink), then took the TV remote and selected the Netflix app, in the same time with two zips of elixir. Do you know that saying that when you have to do something that is destined to you, it will happen no matter what?

Note: English is not my first language so, please, be kind with my mistakes. Feel free to point my mistakes in this matter.

The internet company had some problems delivering the goods

I rushed to the router, checked all the cables, connected myself to the utilities app from my phone using the data plan to see if I forgotten to pay the bill, opened the window to see if something bad happened outside, bad weather or something and everything seemed OK. I contacted the provider to let them know about the problem and luckelly I did so because thy didn’t even know about the matter. They gave me a 48 hours term to fix this because somehow a tree felt over their cables (or something like that, they said).

What to do? I looked in the mirror and I saw I needed to take a haircut so I prepared myself, got to the car and on the road. The idea is that the hair saloon is nearby but it seemed to close so I thought why not get the treatment in the nearest big city situated 160km from my place. Seemed like a crazy but good idea. I always find excuses to do things I like. As you already realized by now, it was a good pretext to get out and take some photos and reconnect with nature, to get that winter vitamin D.

The puddle that made me think

A drove around 30 km and as I passed a monument built and dedicated to the brave soldiers that lost their lives in the war (located in the Toplita city, RO), I got the urge to get down and climb all the way up to the stone and also get myself some pictures of the cannons.

I stopped the car and when I got up, I stepped in a puddle, a beautiful, clear one surrounded by freshly melted snow in which the tree above and sky was reflecting. I immediately got a flash, it was like a dream and I realized how tiny I am related to this universe, how much beauty is surrounding us and we never stop from our chaotic life rhythm.

I thought about the soldiers that died for us to have a better place to live, about the evolution and about the fact that we are trapped in a everyday routine, we wake up, eat, go to work, come back, eat, watch TV, sleep and repeat this in the next morning. We never get to enjoy anything. Do you know why a puppy is so happy when it’s outside or it plays with his owner? Because he enjoy’s the nature, the company of his best friend, the human. That’s why…


I took the camera and I took some shoots, I had to have the proof that a simple winter roadside puddle made me think that way, I had to tell the world about this. Next, rising my eyes to the monument, I saw it was covered in snow, the stairs also with a 30 cm layer, the fear of falling got into my mind, I could in a blink of an eye brake something, a leg, a hand, anything was possible.

After I looked again in the puddle, I was comprised with strength and started to climb up, motivated to get to those cannons and breathe that air, to look around, take some pictures.

And i did…

Let me know your thoughts about my story. Have nice day!

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