Winter winds power


As the days pass, I find myself spending an increasing amount of time watching paranormal events documentaries, UFO like videos sightings, marks left on the soil, odd shapes in the corn fields, strange lightnings on the sky, weather anomalies.

Back to the point of this post, last week, during a photo trip I stumbled upon a very strange corn field, well half a corn field to be more specific at the base of a mountain. I say strange because all the corn plants where somehow ripped in half, in different ways, some more then others. Immediately thoughts came into my mind (of course fueled by the increased amount of video hours spent on the topic). Questions like when did this happened, where there witnesses, is this a common view in the area and so on started to annoy my brain.

The local Mr. Radu

As I stood there contemplating at the view and of course taking pictures with my camera, a local guy past by, Mr. Radu. He passed me then he came back, intrigued by my unusual behavior. I think they don’t see everyday people taking photos but who am I to judge. We started talking about the weather, the area, the usual “stranger talks” and all the sudden he looks at me with his eyes fixated at me and asks: ” I know why you are here, but I’m not sure if you are one of those guys…what is your purpose? “

I froze for a few seconds, my words just couldn’t come out of my mouth. Could this possible be one of those cases of strange events that I said above? No way! I carefully smiled and tried to keep myself together and asked for more details and he is fixating me, I’m after all there to take some simple photos. He then explained me that a few days ago a group of specialists came in the same place and took measurements and pictures and talked about some strange weather events in the area and somehow they seemed suspicious regarding every person that walked by.

The owner explanation

I was already much more intrigued and I asked him why are those corn plants like that, if he has a clue about and reassured him that I’m just a passing by photography passionate person with no other intentions. He was actually the owner of that field. He had a very tough year with his wife funerals and he just was depressed, short on moneys, had some medical issues, all enough to leave the field not gathered for the winter. Here as we are speaking is a very rough winter with snow up to 1 min height in certain areas and hursh winds that makes you stay in the house and keep an eye open for the fire.

That was the case here, the winds just broke every plant in half, not a odd event full of alien like stories, just the wind; I called it the WWP – winter wind power.

Anyways, that was the story of this photo, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did taking it. You can find it on my portfolio, as did the person that bought it today from South Africa. Thank you if you are reading this post. Let me know you were here.


Note: English is not my first language so please be kind and point my mistakes.

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